Ingmire Moss


Excavation 6th and 7th April 2017

A large circular enclosure was discovered using LIDAR and a bank and ditch is visible on the ground, on the top of a mound surrounded by bog. The circle is 93m across and resistivity confirmed the presence of the almost complete circular bank.

We received a grant from the Mick Aston fund for an exploratory trench across the bank and ditch.

Jim Brightman from Solstice Archaeology was our very experienced and patient supervisor on 2 cold but dry days of hard trowelling. Jim was great and taught us a lot. The trench revealed the remains of a substantial bank with a ditch outside it. We cleaned and recorded the section and then Kyle very kindly helped us fill it all back in with his tractor, saving hours of back-breaking work. Rod metal-detected the whole site, uncovering only relatively modern horseshoes and tractor bits. There were no finds at all in the trench but we are hoping that analysis of soil samples from the base of the ditch and the original land surface under the bank will give us dates for the structure.

We are very grateful to the Mick Aston foundation for their support. Not only has it allowed us to explore this enigmatic, previously unknown structure, it has also provided us with invaluable training to help us with future activities. We also thank Jim Brightman for his expertise and patience. Jim was a superb supervisor. Thanks also to Kyle Blue for letting us dig a big hole in his land, and then even more thanks for helping us fill it in again.


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