Winter Porgramme 2021/2

Th majority of the programme is now arranged, with some excellent speakers. We will be holding talks again at Tebay Methodist Church unless otherwise indicated in the programme, but continue to hold our ZOOM licence as a backup.

Low Borrowbridge report

The final report for the 2 years of digs is available on the Low Borrowbridge or Reports pages

High Carlingill 2021

We have now finished the final excavation at High Carlingill (possibly!). A brief report is on the High Carlingill pages.

End of Project Reflections

The Digging for Britons project is now nearly over. We would like to express a HUGE thanks to the National Lottery Heritage Fund for supporting the project over the last three years – and especially to the players of the National Lottery without whom the project would not have been possible.

All of the reports, booklets and papers that have been produced are available to view on the High Carlingill Project page.

High Carlingill Paper

A paper summarising our work at High Carlingill has now been accepted for publication in the 2021 Transactions of the Cumberland and Westmorland Antiquarian and Archaeological Society (CWAAS). A pre-publication version is available to browse and/or download from the Publications/Reports page. Publications/Reports

Harriet Sims. Prehistory of the Eden Valley.

Harriet’s talk was a wonderful and comprehensive tour of the Eden Valley in ancient times. There is lots of evidence in the landscape for early occupation and use if you look for it. Harriet has given permission for us to put her powerpoint on the website for all to explore further. It can be found on our programme page.

If you arrived at the zoom late then technical issues stopped us admitting you to the talk. Apologies but I hope you enjoy the downloadable slides.

Winter talks

We currently have 3 talks planned for our usual 2nd Monday in the month slots. These will take place online via zoom and members will be sent instructions and details in advance.

Interesting link

The Westmorland Dales project has cshared a very interesting video by Sir Martin Holdgate on the history and archaeology of the Westmorland Dales. It has been produced as part of the Westmorland Dales Landscape Partnership Scheme with funding through the National Lottery Heritage Fund. We have given a link to it from our Links page

COVID 19 disruptions – AGM and Dig

Hello all.


As I’m sure you will have realised, in these exceptional circumstances, the AGM on the 20th April cannot go ahead as planned. Rather than postpone to some unspecified later date, the committee has decided to instead hold the AGM by email. Members will get all the usual papers in due course by email and will be asked to respond with approval, abstention or disapproval and collated votes will be circulated. We hope you approve of these arrangements but if there are any concerns (or if anyone would like to volunteer to join the committee) please email us. I’m sure there will be time for any discussion at our first meeting in September (assuming this is all over by then).


It is sensible to postpone the final part of our dig at High Carlingill as the social distancing measures are highly unlikely to be relaxed by then. We hope to get approval from HLF to carry forward the unspent part of the generous grant to finish off at some later date but his is hardly a priority in the current circumstances. We are lucky to have got so much done already at this site. The reports on the completed work are on the website on the High Carlingill page and in the Reports section.

Stay safe and healthy everyone. Take care of yourselves and your families and we will look ofrward to seeing you when this is all over.


High Carlingill Report

The report from Solstice for the 2018 and 2019 digs is available on the High Carlingill page