Sat 2nd May Asby Scar

Asby scar is even whiter than normal – with snow! As it is slippery at the best of times we have cancelled the Saturday survey as it will be dangerous underfoot. We will try again later in the summer.

LBB Friday 22nd

We finished Trench 3 this morning and recorded it and packed up this afternoon.

All that remains to be done is to backfill the last trench and clear the base camp in the walled garden. If there is anyone available on Saturday morning to help that would be much appreciated. It shouldn’t take long.

Thank you everyone for your help and thanks to OAN for Becky, Jamie, Karl and Pete. Your help and good humour have been much appreciated.

We will post results when we get them on the website.

LBB Thursday 21st

With the help of a mechanical digger, we finally got to the bottom of the big ditch and took soil samples. We then used the digger to fill in Trenches 1 and 2 – what an enormous help! JCBs will be compulsory equipment on all future digs.

Trench 3 continues to expand and deepen in a (possibly vain) attempt to find anything Roman. We have uncovered an early field drain but that is about all so far. Tomorrow we will get to the bottom of trench 3 and probably start the backfilling and site clearing.

Becky from OAN will not be with us tomorrow and we would just like to say that she has been fantastic – patient, cheerful and a very good teacher. Thanks Becky.

LBB Wednesday 20th

We dug such a big hole yesterday that we are not allowed to dig down any further in Trench 1, for fear of burying someone. Since we haven’t yet reached the bottom of the big ditch and found any dating material we are getting in a JCB tomorrow to finish the job.

In the meantime we have opened Trench 3 in the other field on top of a feature found by the geophysics on Saturday. So far, by the end of the afternoon, we have found nothing there – but tomorrow we will extend this trench in a ‘last ditch’ attempt to locate the feature. Plenty to do or just watch tomorrow.

Synchronised archaeology

Synchronised archaeology in Trench 3


LBB Tuesday 19th

What a lovely day. Warm, sunny and dry.

Trench 1 is positioned over 2 ditches on the geophysics survey. The first half of the trench has revealed a large ditch about 3m long and our hard working diggers have burrowed about 60cm down. There is still some way to go. The second half of the trench, over hopefully the other ditch, is deturfed ready for digging.

Trench 2 was positioned over what looked like another ditch and circular thing which turned out to be a natural lens of silt. The trench is cleaned up and photographed and although there were no apparent features there were some lovely finds of pottery and a little bead on top of what is presumably the Roman surface under the soil.

There is plenty of room for more eager diggers in trench 1 tomorrow, when hopefully we will get down to the bottom of the ditch and find treasure (or anything really would be welcome – stones tend lose their attraction after a while).

LBB Monday 18th

We didn’t get the sun we hoped for but the digging kept us warm! 2 trenches have been well started and 2 big spoil heaps have appeared. We have a bead and some nice bits of Roman pottery but so far no sign of the ditches we are looking for. We will have to keep digging down (and possibly out).

Tomorrow starts at 9.00 as usual. When you arrive please sign in on the sheets in the tents in the garden before making your way to the dig site.

LBB Sunday 17th

What a lovely day. Warm and sunny for the most part and we have done everything planned for the day. The resistivity is finished. Jamie flew his helicopter and photographed the entire site and 2 trenches have been marked out and deturfed ready for the digging to start in earnest tomorrow from 9.00am onwards.

If you are coming to dig tomorrow please remember to bring a trowel and something to kneel on if you need it. We have buckets and dustpans but another wheelbarrow would be useful. Also remember your mug and a camp chair as we occasionally take a little time off for a brew.

LBB Sat 16th

The sun came out on cue at 9.00am. Ok so it was snowing at the same time but the white Howgills looked splendid!

We made great progress. The magnetometry is completed – thanks Karl. The resistivity is completed in the main field. Tomorrow we will complete the resistivity on the South side of the Lune. We are also looking forward to watching Jamie and his helicopter do their aerial things. And tomorrow we also hope to start deturfing the first of our excavation areas ready for digging on Monday.

If you are coming tomorrow please bring a spade and wrap up warm. It was bitterly cold today.

LBB Friday 15th

The portaloo has arrived and the base camp is up in the garden but note there are lambs in there so SHUT the gate.

We will start at 9.00am.

Everyone must sign in on the sheet in the tent on every day with emergency contact number.

Bring a mug and chair – tea and coffee provided.

Waterproofs and wellies might be a good idea – no metal if you want to help with magnetometry but not essential for resistivity.


Low Borrowbridge Publication

We are delighted to say that we have now published our summary of the work undertaken at Low Borrowbridge from the 1880s to the present day. The booklet runs to 48 pages, 8 of which are in full colour. Proceeds of sales will go to the research fund. Normal price £4 per copy, discount price for members £3.50. We can post copies at cost (Post and packing £2.00 UK). If you would like to purchase a copy please contact Gray on

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